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The Blomdahl Era

The Blomdahl Era
29.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
  • The Blomdahl Era
  • Prachtig geschreven biljartboek met verhalen, cijfers en andere wetenswaardigheden.
  • Auteur Bert van Manen
  • Taal: Engels en Nederlands
  • Samenvatting:
For three decades, no one added more to the game, raised the bar so high, won more World Cup tournaments than Torbjorn Blomdahl. Hence the title of this book. But on these pages, you'll also find stories about Sayginer, Sang Lee, Sanchez, Jaspers, Zanetti, Caudron, Merckx and dozens of other greats. I hope there is a little something for everyone.

- Tournament results
- Player portraits
- Cues, tables, balls and systems
- A little instruction here and there
- And mostly, my thoughts about the game I love to play, and the players I love to watch.

Bert van Manen

"Whenever I read Bert van Manen'colums, I have a smile on my face. He knows what he's talking about." (Marco Zanetti)