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Keutop Longoni S20-C69

Keutop Longoni S20-C69
349.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
  • Longoni topeind S20
  • Conisch
  • Lengte 69 cm
  • Diameter 12 mm
  • VP-2 sluiting
  • wordt automatisch berekend bij afrekenen!
In its first year of launch on the market, this shaft gained an incredible list of international and world titles.
Developed only for the carom game, in a close collaboration with Marco Zanetti,
this shaft is the first in the world to have a structure of 20 slices of Quebec hard rock maple which makes the shaft really innovative.
The game is easy and natural and the deflection is completely erased.
Thanks to its internal structure the weight is well balanced: even if it is the lightest among the stratified shafts,
the S20 is the one which has best control, power and frontal balance.